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Why Eddie Stobart

Eddie Stobart operates the UK and Ireland’s largest shared user fleets, supported by a vast network of depots across the UK, Ireland and Europe. By improving utilisation and reducing cost, CO2 emissions and capital expenditure we improve the service offered to our customers’ customers, and we can make any distribution operation more efficient.

There are five pillars to our unique offering; capability, flexibility, agility, visibility and sustainability. These make us one of the most sought after logistics partners in the UK and Europe as well as being a household name.


• Over 40 years’ experience at the highest levels of the transport and distribution industry
• Highly trained staff; with nearly 400 of our team having served over 10 years, more than 170 over 15 years and more than 150 over 20 years
• Bespoke training academy in Appleton, Cheshire; unique amongst transport and logistics companies
• 24/7/365 customer services, supported by our Driverline software and real time ETA boards



• ‘Can do’ attitude; we take a lot of pride in maintaining the ‘small business’ attitude one would not expect from a large company
• Formalised management system - audited by our dedicated business systems team - which is designed to accommodate change



• Our business units focus on their sector specialisms in order to provide customers with the highest service, but they also work together to increase levels of service during peak times and extreme weather conditions



• We employ a number of cutting-edge soft and hardware systems that all combine to support us in providing the highest quality service to our customers
• Our live ETA tracking system is available to our customers via a web portal so that they may track their loads in real time, at any time of day or night



• On average, our customer relationships last 15 years, having been developed through 3-5 contract renewals
• We have introduced to the market several new types of trailer that have increased efficiency and thus reduced cost and impact on the environment
• Increased efficiency produces reduced costs and the benefits are shared with our customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use Eddie Stobart?

Even though our customer base includes some of the biggest and best known brands in the UK, we are happy to discuss the logistics requirements of any business no matter how big or small.

Does Eddie Stobart only deal in full trailer loads?

No, even though our historical focus has been full trailer loads, we are happy to discuss the logistics requirements of any business. From full trailer loads to warehousing solutions that include pallet and parcel distribution worldwide, please explore the website or contact sales for more details.

How does Eddie Stobart manage their accounts?

By working with customers, forecasting, innovation, sharing best practice and sharing the benefit of an expanding network.

Does Eddie Stobart work with partners?

Yes, we will give our customers the option of including carefully selected partners to expand the capability of the solutions we provide.

How do I get a quote for ad-hoc business?

Contact us at

How can I get Eddie Stobart to tender for my contracted business?

Contact us at

Are Eddie Stobart’s warehouse sites shared use?

We operate our own and customer sites.

How do I apply to become an Eddie Stobart partner?

We work with approved sub contractors where appropriate; contact us at