Logistics Management for the Modern Business

Our expansive network allows us to provide business logistics to a wide range of industry sectors. With a huge number of satisfied clients you can be certain that we deliver a high level of capability in all of our operations whether that’s road transport, port operations, rail operations or contract logistics and warehousing.

One of the best things about us is that we are one of the largest privately owned transport and distribution companies in England, so we have considerable resources that both large and small businesses can take advantage of.

What is Logistics Management?

Logistics management is essentially the overseeing of goods delivery and distribution. Whether that’s manufacturing, industrial & bulk logistics, retail logistics, online fulfilment, automotive logistics, special operations or consumer goods logistics - our dedicated and versatile management services are involved in the entire supply chain.

This means that you can focus on the core values of your business and rest assured in the knowledge that you have the extensive capabilities of our network working to help your business.

Eddie Stobart Logistics Management Services

Our logistics management services give you the following options:

  • Flexible Warehousing - Our extensive warehousing services give you the option of co-packing; whether repacking, relabelling or sorting - depending on your needs. In addition, we can provide embedded process management for larger scale or more complex operations.
  • Temperature Controlled Solutions - EFSIS & BRC accredited solutions can be delivered with either our chilled logistics or ambient logistics options for goods that require reliable handling to the highest standard.
  • State of the Art Equipment - Our logistics technology capabilities are vast. You can take advantage of RF scanning and constantly improving warehouse management systems.

We make the process easy and effective whatever the scale of operation.

Inbound & Outbound Logistics - What’s the Difference?

Inbound logistics is essentially a way of describing the movement of goods from supplier to manufacturers, retailers or warehouses. Outbound logistics refers to the stage of goods delivery where the end user receives them after any picking, packing or final product assurance requirements are met.

Who Can Benefit from Logistics Management Services?

Logistics management services enable you to leave the matter of logistics to trusted experts like us, which enables you to concentrate on your main areas of focus. Businesses that can benefit include:

  • Online Businesses - Selling products online is made much simpler when the logistics are taken care of externally. Our online fulfilment services are specially designed to serve this type of business need.
  • Retailers - A reliable stream of goods is essential for retail to function effectively. We provide intelligent planning and on time deliveries for consumer goods and retail logistics.
  • Manufacturers - Our comprehensive fleet can carry any type of load, meaning that all manner of industrial logistics can be taken care of through our logistics management.


Essentially, any business that has a need to get goods to customers can benefit from logistics management.

Logistics Management - Get In Touch

We can assist with all aspects of supply chain management. Whether that is through our warehouse services, road transport, rail transport or port transport  - any kind of warehousing and distribution needs can be catered to.

If you’d like to learn more contact us, our friendly team are happy to assist.