Eddie Stobart's comprehensive co-packing services encompass the full range of value added solutions. Capabilities include relabelling, heat wrapping, flow wrapping, quality control and repacking to shelf-ready packing.

Timelapse of the cross dock operation at our Newark site

Co-Packing Services

Going beyond the traditional distribution and warehousing services, Eddie Stobart offers a fully integrated, value-adding product integration service, usually termed ‘contract’ or ‘co-packing’. The company provides a broad spectrum of packing services ranging from repacking, relabelling, restacking, mixing and sorting, through to combining, sleeving and labelling.

Process Managements

Eddie Stobart process management service combines upstream product involvement with downstream planning advantages, in a service that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the customers. Embedded personnel are directly involved in ensuring the smooth running of every stage of production, from manufacturing right through to product dispatch.

A number of key clients already use embedded Eddie Stobart staff to maintain the smooth operation of their production and storage facilities. This allows them to concentrate on their core activities by giving responsibility to Eddie Stobart for the complex logistics associated with large-scale industrial sites.

Equipment & Technology

WMS System

Featuring stock management and product segregation, providing comprehensive daily or hourly customer reports. The system is capable of handling all elements of warehouse operations, including case picking, e-fulfilment and quarantine of orders in line with customer requirements.

RF Scanning

Utilising RF scanning and system links to our customers and theirs, the ES system links directly via a range of automated messaging types allowing for the controlled management of orders between site and customer. The system has a suite of reporting capabilities covering FIFO, BBE, in-bay to rack, capacity, stock holding by line, on hold and quarantined.