Stobart Rail’s rail freight services, first launched in 2006, represent a tried and trusted solution to reducing carbon emissions. The trains use Stobart's custom-made containers which are loaded at the customer site. They are then transported to the railhead using Stobart skeletal trailers, where the containers are transferred onto the Stobart commissioned rail services for transport to their destinations.

Environmentally Responsible

Delivering goods by rail reduces the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of trucks on the road and condensing many loads into one bulk movement, thus reducing CO2 emissions. This also generates cost savings, which may then be passed on to the customer. 

Scale of Operation

Eddie Stobart’s intermodal rail services operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day across the UK. We operate 5 services a day, based at our hub rail terminal at DIRFT with rail services reaching all parts of the UK including Scotland’s central belt, Inverness and Aberdeen in the north down to Cardiff, South Wales and London and the South East. We are one of the UK’s largest intermodal operators, transporting over 1,500 loads per week on the rail network.

Vehicle Specifications

  • Rail Transport

    Class 66 Locomotive

  • Class 66 Locomotive

    Rail Transport
    Powerplant Six GM-EMD D43-TR Motors
    Output 3,300bhp
    Driver Train Six sets of drive wheels
    Top Speed 105kph
    Tractive Effort 409kN
    Overall Length 24.40m
    Overall Height 3.90m
    Overall Width 2.65m
  • Rail Transport

    UK Container

  • UK Container

    The specially designed lower profile containers used on the Stobart Rail services allow the trains to use even small branch lines with restricted height.

    Rail Transport
    Internal Loading Height 2.13m
    Rear Opening Door Height 2.07m
    Door Opening Width 2.4m
    Internal Length 13.6m
    Side Opening width (between pins) 12.4m