Moving Cars: What is Car Transport?

Transporting cars is undeniably a challenge. Cars have special requirements for transport which often involve road transport, container logistics, rail transport and warehousing.

Our European car transport operations are a way to achieve reliable and dependable car moving without the hassle. Through our network we are capable of meeting the most stringent requirements for our clients.

What Are Our Car Transport Services and How Do They Work?

Our European car transport services are tailored to the needs of our individual clients. Whether this is for shorter journeys by road, longer operations via ports or a combination. Our European car moving operations work like this:

  1. Give our team your requirements whether they are long-term, short-term, multimodal or require special trailer design - we can help
  2. We give you a range of options based on your needs
  3. You can start enjoying hassle-free advanced and efficient car transport

Car transport at Eddie Stobart gives you access to a large fleet with advanced tech systems for tracking and intelligent, efficient logistics.

Why is Car Transport a Good Option and Why is Eddie Stobart the Best?

When it comes to transport reliability and efficiency are key, as is secure and safe movement. Car transport is a good option because it allows large items to be shipped with ease and security across small or large distances.

Eddie Stobart is the best choice because:

  1. We tailor our services to your needs, whatever they might be
  2. Dependable and scalable solutions, long or short term, are delivered across multiple types of transport
  3. We have extensive experience transporting goods across a pan-European network

By using an outsourced transport and logistics provider you can take advantage of the resources of our large organisation that serves many businesses.

Car Transport and Moving Logistics - Get In Touch

We’re proud that our operations can meet the needs of almost any business - our fleet and technical solutions, as well as advanced tracking and shipping technologies, make us an innovative choice for car transport.

The best way to find the right solution for you is to contact us and tell us your specific needs, we can then start delivering tailored car transport solutions for you and your business.