Eddie Stobart is an industry leader within multimodal logistics, supported by an industry-leading organisational strategy and workforce. Our vision and values provide us with a code of conduct that sets the standard for our entire operation - living by the code gives us the foundation for delivering excellence in everything we do.

Our Vision

We will be recognised for our pride and professionalism in delivering innovative customer solutions and service excellence.

Our Values

Openness & Honesty

We demonstrate our openness and honesty by:

  • Actively exploring perspectives to build ideas
  • Working cooperatively together to share experience & knowledge

Trust & Respect

We demonstrate trust and respect by:

  • Taking time to fully listen and understand others' perspectives
  • Giving and receiving feedback and taking ownership to change things 


We demonstrate integrity by:

  • Taking personal responsibility for our actions
  • Leading by example and being thoughtful role models


We demonstrate compassion by:

  • Being approachable & giving our full attention to others
  • Showing genuine care, concern and consideration by offering help & assistance


We demonstrate fun by:

  • Giving praise & saying 'thank you' for a job well done
  • Celebrating & recognising personal, team and organisational achievements


Measuring our success

Our policies and systems all form an integral part of our corporate governance structure, which is audited both internally and externally (KPMG, BDO, ISO, BRC, HMRC, DVSA, and customers).

The output of this audit allows us to continuously monitor our compliance and performance; helping us to drive continuous improvement and success.


Our Principles 

The principles which make us proud are:

  • Showing our passion for customer service excellence
  • Committing ourselves to a clear vision and plan
  • Being open and honest with each other, intentionally creating a culture of respect
  • Encouraging contribution and ownership at all levels, and so trusting our people
  • Releasing the full potential of our people through conscious leadership
  • Taking time to recognise success and say thank you