The Driver Development Programme with Stobart Logistics and The National Logistics Academy

The Driver Development Programme (DDP) is a great opportunity for our driver community to progress and enhance their careers here at Stobart Logistics.

We’re committed in supporting all our employees with their personal development, that’s why we have invested in this tailored training programme, partnered with The National Logistics Academy, to give our drivers the skills and knowledge to help them progress within our industry.

What is the Driver Development programme?

A group of representatives of large employers within the logistics sector worked together to write qualifications based on what they want within this programme – so it’s a collection of the qualifications you need most to succeed in logistics.

Our drivers undertake classroom learning on a series of specially designed units and activities over the course of a year. When the year comes to an end, they undertake an End Point Assessment which ties it all together.

The Driver Development Programme (DDP) covers a huge range of skills, knowledge and behaviours about the whole sector. It’s not just about teaching the skills to do a job.

By gaining an understanding of issues affecting the sector – such as the ways logistics industries need to protect the environment, the way changes to our society and borders could impact businesses, and how technology is changing logistics – they can set themselves up for a lifelong career in the world of logistics.

The Driver Development partners

Partnering with the best!

We enlisted the help of our Driver Development partners to help us realise our goal of installing a solid framework for providing the best advancement opportunities for our driving staff. With the Driver Development Programme now in place, we’re working together to improve and build upon it for future generations.

Meet the team

Stobart Logistics has partnered with The National Logistics Academy, a network of top rated, specialist logistics training providers who have a deep knowledge and understanding of the sector, to deliver commercial training, licence acquisition and apprenticeships.

We have planned and designed this programme to meet drivers’ needs, those of their managers and the entire Stobart Logistics business.

As a lot of the learning will be undertaken at work, Stobart plays a big part in it. The course has been tailored specifically to meet individuals needs, so while it’ll be a qualification employees can use for the rest of their life, it’ll really help them day to day as well.

Stobart and The National Logistics Academy have created the course materials for use. There are also classroom-based sessions including maths and English and all course materials are provided.

The course is run by Paul Barden, our driver training manager. Their wealth of experience and commitment to driving personal development has made the DDP a real success and sets us apart from our competitors.

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