Our special operations team provide support to the motor racing industry. We’ve been doing it for a long time, and in recent years we’ve developed this sector and made Eddie Stobart one of the most respected names in the industry.

Special operations en route

Most of the work is centred around Formula 1; one of the most demanding and detail-oriented industries in the world. Here, we provide all of the transport, set-up, specialist on-site support and break down, ready for the next race.

We take advantage of our links with truck manufacturers, large UK and European site network and large pool of drivers to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution to F1 teams.

Form and function are of utmost importance here, but since we are known for our customer service and attention to detail, it suits us very well. Every contract has a dedicated account/event manager to ensure that attention to detail is turned up to maximum and maintained for great lengths of time in this challenging field.

We work incredibly closely with our customers – it’s the only way to ensure we deliver sophisticated, efficient, smooth and safe results. The teams are specially selected and then highly trained – in-house – to meet the strict industry-specific health and safety requirements and they’re all multi-skilled so they perform different roles while on-event. Our management team views the event as a whole and builds a crew with complimentary skills so that every imaginable customer need can be met.

We produce concise event schedule handbooks that cover every aspect of every operation, and our modern communications systems mean everyone’s on the same page, always.

Our event crew are on the road together for most of the year and personify the Eddie Stobart team ethos. It’s a family out there and everyone works hard to support each other and meet the highest standards in specialised logistics. If it needs doing, we do it. Simple.

See us in action

How we do it

The journey begins with recruitment. With such scrutiny on our workforce from the customers and the media, it’s absolutely essential that we get the right people into the right roles. Our recruitment method comprises a three-stage interview process plus driver assessments, background checks and even psychometric testing, which has proved invaluable.

Each year all of our crew enter into a comprehensive pre-season training schedule, designed to ensure that everyone on the team knows precisely what is required of them, both in their roles and the standards they must meet. Training includes fork lift training, airfreight accreditation, first aid, basic electrical, truck washing and paddock etiquette, plus leadership for the management team. Etiquette is difficult to teach, but it’s paramount to our being accepted in the paddock and meeting our customers’ and our own standards.

While on-event, there is often no management level between our crew and our customers, and the first-hand nature of this relationship means we must be able to trust our people. Our training is designed to provide them with the tools to deal confidently with any situation.

In the run-up to the start of the season we undertake meticulous planning, taking care of every last detail and ensuring that every potential scenario is considered and procedures put in place to handle them. And if something unexpected occurs, we have a process for that, too.

We assign each customer a dedicated team of event crew, led by a team leader and an overall event manager so there is always a structure in place on-event. This structure, populated by carefully-selected people, trained in-house, backed up by comprehensive planning and management practices and linked by modern communications systems provides the best in F1 logistics support.

We essentially run our Special Operations division like a family business within a large operation in order to provide our customers with a very personal and detailed service.



For all special operations enquiries please contact the team on tenders@eddiestobart.com or call +44 (0)1925 605894