September 25, 2015 | Published by Eddie Stobart

Eddie Stobart’s rail freight division have been working with Direct Rail Services (DRS) and Tesco Distribution for years, always with the goals of optimised efficiency and reduced environmental impact in mind. And this year the three companies celebrate together as they are jointly presented with the environmental innovation award at the Rail Freight Group awards.

In order to be considered for the award, entrants had to show that their projects had delivered a major improvement in the environmental footprint and sustainability of rail freight services. Judges from the awarding body looked at key criteria; target reduction in greenhouse gasses, pollutants and intrusive noise, improved fuel efficiency and train productivity, and recycling initiatives.

The award was presented to the three companies by the event’s sponsors Burges Salmon, who said of the companies’ work:

‘The project impressed the judges for its environmental impact and ongoing development from a trunking operation to a strategic network operation, with environmental benefits being a major driver for the increasing rail traffic. The project demonstrated distribution efficiencies and a novel approach to meeting the client’s exacting distribution requirements.’

DRS’s Senior Business Manager, Sabrina Brannan said:

‘This award recognises all the hard work and commitment by all parties to create a tailor made rail solution that not only satisfied the customer but also provided sustainability of rail freight services. Working in partnership the team focused on delivering the highest possible standards to meet the demands of Tesco Stores. Benefitting from Tesco’s clear understanding of their customer needs, ESL’s logistical expertise and DRS’s knowledge of the specific requirements of the UK’s rail industry the team developed a rail solution that not only improves performance and efficiency but also significantly reduced its impact on the environment.’

Nick Graham, Eddie Stobart’s Director for Rail said:

‘We are very proud to have been in this award winning partnership to achieve this award for innovation.  With Tesco and DRS we have developed one of the most responsive rail operations in the UK, with full 24/7 visibility of delivery progress and a timetable designed to deliver a fully managed door to door service to the exacting timelines that ensure that Tesco’s store availability is to the highest levels.This rail solution also offers a guaranteed road backup, enabled by the wider Eddie Stobart road network – with more volume carried by rail than any other UK 3PL the partnership which also enjoys unrivalled environmental benefits.’