November 6, 2015 | Published by Eddie Stobart

Last month the RHA and the 8,000 or so UK trucking companies it represents launched ‘Love a Lorry Week’, a nationwide event involving many of the nation’s hauliers that aims to highlight the importance of haulage to the British economy, remind people that driving a truck can be a rewarding, fulfilling career, and to urge the government to rethink its position on supporting truck driving apprenticeships. The event took place at locations all over the country between the 26th and the 31st of October, with a number of trucking companies opening its doors to the public, taking vehicles to town centres and sporting events, and attending open days.

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for any trucking company, and Eddie Stobart is no different. We work tirelessly in the months leading up to the festive period to make sure supermarket shelves are stocked with all the Christmas favourites; from wine and beer to turkeys and Brussels sprouts, and to make sure that everyone’s presents are under the tree before the big day (we even deliver the trees). And throughout the rest of the year, almost all of the nation’s goods pass through the road haulage supply chain at some point.

We love lorries too, and we showed up to support the RHA’s Love a Lorry Week at the M6 Toll Norton Canes services on the Wednesday, where anyone could come and have a look at one of our famous green and red trucks and speak to a driver or member of the recruitment team about what it’s like to be a driver. Over the course of the day we handed out balloons and information to kids and adults alike, spreading the word about the Love a Lorry week and what it’s like to drive a truck for one of the country’s best-loved transport companies.