Chesterfield-based poultry systems supplier Interhatch says that despite shipping large quantities of fragile items through local Member Hallam Express and TPN, its delivery service is virtually flawless.

“We ship a lot of infrared bulbs, and these pallet are two metres tall and extremely fragile, yet we’ve only had one item damaged in four years which is extremely good,” says operations manager Phil Cooper.

The company which has been established for 22 years and is a leading provider of incubators, dosing systems, and agricultural foods and disinfectants. It operates in 34 countries, and in the UK it uses Hallam Express to deliver to country stores, farms, garden centres and residential customers.

“When I joined in 2015 we had a different transport supplier, which didn’t perform as well as we hoped,” says Cooper. “I asked for a meeting with Hallam’s sales director Sue Schofield who quickly understood our business well. Hallam’s excellent, and very flexible. They communicate very well with us; if we’ve added 10 pallets to TPN Connect by lunchtime, they’ll collect them so we have more room.”

The work is now underpinned by strong personal relationships. “We’ve come to know Gary and Scott, the two Hallam drivers who work with us, very well, and they are both absolutely brilliant,” says Cooper.