December 2, 2019 | Published by Eddie Stobart

Eddie Stobart – Santa’s Secret Support Service


It’s December, the frost has arrived and the countdown to Christmas has well and truly started.

We’ve had Black Friday and today is Cyber Monday – one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.

As prices are being slashed on everything from fashion to furniture, you’ve clearly been busy taking advantage of all of the Christmas bargains. Last week our E-commerce sector doubled their normal amount of loads.

Can you guess how many miles our drivers travelled last week? The average person in the UK has a commute of 18 miles a day. Our drivers covered nearly four million last week. To put this into perspective, it’s only 24,901 miles around the word. This means we have driven the equivalent of 160 times around the world in just a week!

Our drivers are Santa’s Secret Support Service. They’ve already delivered 700 loads of Christmas trees. That’s 1,400 trucks travelling from Inverness – all in time for your big day.