Technology enabled end-to-end supply chain

In order to operate the UK’s largest shared user network for the world’s biggest companies we require tech systems that provide us with total visibility and control. We deploy a number of systems to ensure we meet every customers need and deliver class leading performance

Our solutions

Our in-cab technology

State-of-the-art in-vehicle technology is deployed across the entire Stobart fleet, with each vehicle equipped with a custom-designed in-vehicle device, our Stobart DriveTab, which supports and guides the driver in a range of activities. This includes vehicle safety checks, driving style feedback and working instructions. It also provides highly detailed GPS-based positional feedback to operational controllers and customers alike to deliver further insight into all planned and current activity across the operation.

Advanced transport management systems

Our transport systems manage and control every aspect of the customers’ order – from electronic receipt through resource planning and all stages and types of execution to electronic proof of delivery and full billing reconciliation. Providing full visibility of all transport activity across our total network enabling our centrally driven planning teams with the press of a button, to continually optimise fill and flex resource to meet customer and regional needs.

Control tower solution

Our control tower solutions allow the effective command and control of complex, multi-layered supply chain operations. Advanced planning, together with up to the minute overall visibility and comprehensive management information ensures the effective orchestration of these operations.

Container terminal management

Our advanced container terminal management and control system optimises every aspect of the movement and storage of cargo in and around the container terminals or ports. The system drives optimal use of assets, labour and equipment, planning workloads and receiving real-time information that enables cost-effective, improved decision making.

Fleet and assets management

Our unique advanced fleet and asset management capability keeps close control over each individual asset, including vehicles, trailers, FLT’s and other equipment. The status of items is closely monitored and exceptions and service requirements proactively highlighted, ensuring assets are optimally maintained, serviced and available.

B2B & B2C integration

ESL’s “integration platform as a service” (IPaaS) is the most advanced integration capability available for both B2B and B2C operations. Using cloud-based technologies, we are able to seamlessly exchange information with customers and other supply chain partners in real- time and in an agile and flexible way.

Real-time algorithmic optimisation

We are working with world-class specialists to help us further drive efficiency and service into often complex operations. Some of the most advanced algorithm-based constraint-based planning tools and techniques provide support to our operational decisions.

ESL Connect, Driver Communication

Our bespoke Driver application, ESL Connect, enables our Driver workforce to receive updates and notifications at the touch of a button through the ESLConnect App. The application enables industry leading colleague engagement, with colleagues able to book annual leave, notify sickness absence and updates on shift start time, providing information for colleagues and for our operation, enabling planning efficiency in real time.

Supply chain visibility

Our visibility solutions provide granular transparency and insight across our range of supply chain services. Product movements are closely monitored from point of collection, through warehouse and fulfilment centres, depots and across our range of transport operations, delivering reassurance and insight through comprehensive on-line real-time status updates and KPI reporting.

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