Supply Chain Charter

Stobart Logistics believes that procuring goods and services in a responsible manner delivers better value to our customers, improves resilience and reduces risk. All of our suppliers are expected to comply with this Charter and to support us in delivering social and economic benefits in our supply chain, helping deliver long-term sustainable value to our customers, key stakeholders and the wider community.

Stobart vision and values

We aim to work with suppliers who do business in a sustainable manner and who share our core values, which can be found at:

Statutory compliance

Suppliers are expected to ensure they observe and comply with all relevant rules, regulations, laws and industry good practice including all relevant environmental, health and safety, anti-fraud, bribery and corruption and tax evasion laws.

Health and safety

Suppliers working with us must comply with relevant health and safety standards. Where appropriate we will audit compliance with agreed standards and look to drive improvements. We expect all suppliers to provide safe workplaces and to have in place effective health and safety management systems, appropriate for the nature and scale of their business and the goods or services they provide.  We expect suppliers to be committed to ensuring compliance with health and safety law generally, as well as standards and codes specific to their area of business.

Suppliers’ employees

Suppliers are expected to engage employees who have suitable qualifications and experience and to provide appropriate training and supervision so those employees can competently provide services to the Stobart Group. Suppliers must ensure employees are:

  • Aware of any of ESL’s specified contractual requirements including all site-specific rules, regulations and safety plans and are provided with appropriate personal protective equipment where required
  • Eligible to work in the UK (or any other country in which services are provided) and that all relevant permits, licences and right-to-work checks have been completed (including security clearances checked where relevant)
  • Aware that reckless behaviour including the consumption of alcohol and/or narcotics will not be tolerated

Modern slavery

Stobart is committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring within any part of our business and supply chain. We expect all our suppliers to share this commitment, to respect their people and offer a safe workplace that is free from harm, intimidation, harassment or fear. Our Modern Slavery Act Statement is available at

We expect all suppliers to share information with us, on request, about the steps they are taking to ensure there is no slavery or human trafficking within their business or supply chain.

Any queries about this charter should be submitted to­.

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